Nothing much to know so will keep it short and simple. (Also its so pretentious to write about your own self XD)

I am Shashank Shekhar. A 21yr old from New Delhi, India.
I m the guy who knows something about everything. Kind of a jack of all trades…
Am a Big Barça fan. Worship Messi, Hate Ramos.
Am a Big Cricket fan. Worship Dhoni, Hate Pak.

Gaming Buff (Consoles for noobs. Gamers play PC)
Sitcom Buff (Thnx Netflix. They were so not on a Break !)
Music Buff (Hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean)

Love Kygo and Pegato, Love SNL and Last Week Tonight.

Basically, a Computer Science Engineering Student with a keen interest in Global Economics and International Politics. I never miss an issue of The Economist and HBR (even EIU and ECN). I have also shared my views on various academic and professional platforms, written articles on various digital media. Just a normal guy who has an opinion (on everything) and wants to share it with others.

I believe that we can definitely solve many issues by just having a basic understanding of them, by avoiding misinformation. There is hope.
(Although most of my articles will be about how the world is going to end in every possible way)

Here, I will be posting my views on the ongoing events in the world and their impact on our society. Also note that all the views presented in the posts will be my own and I am not affiliated with any organization so if you think that it’s all western propaganda, Illuminati or something like that, then no its not, but if you think that my beliefs are biased, incomplete or naive then we can definitely have a healthy debate.

Also, I would request you to please comment on the posts. Whatever it may be, positive negative or even if anything else that may be related to it, however remotely, but please do comment.